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I introduce you to Zero.   Zero is one of my personal cats and the very first cat of the series, the test model. He has been my faithful companion for over 12 years. My muse during art school, I have drawn him, painted him, sculpted him in bronze, every medium I studied I always tried to include my buddy. It is fitting that he be the first cat in this series of photos.

Zero- Lindsi Jones

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What is Cats in Bow Ties?

What is Cats in Bowties?

   In August of 2015 I began shooting a series of photographs I call “Cats in Bow Ties”.  This series features current residents, former residents, and supporters of Miss Kitty’s Feline Sanctuary.  Through these photographs I show off the beauty and personalities of these fine felines.  The purpose of these photographs is to raise awareness for shelter cats.  Millions of beautiful cats across the country just like the ones in my photographs are waiting in shelters to become someone’s best friend and companion.  My hope is that through these images 1000s of smiles and happy conversations about cats will start and SOMEONE somewhere will head to a shelter for their next feline friend.

I am currently working toward the goal of photographing 101 Cats in Bowties. When I reach this goal I plan to exhibit the series. Visit and follow @101catsinbowties on Instagram for updates.

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Lindsi Jones Photography and Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary – A purrrfect partnership

  In January of 2015 I decided I wanted to do something fun and special with my business.   I became a Purrrrfect Partner with Miss Kitty’s Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville, GA.   Miss Kitty is not-for-profit, volunteer-operated, no-kill/no-cage kitten and cat rescue which relies on generous donations and volunteer efforts from community members.   I am proud to be a donor and volunteer for this organization.

  Each time Lindsi Jones Photography covers a wedding the life of a shelter cat is sponsored on behalf of the happy couple. In 2015 I was able to sponsor the lives of 12 cats, which makes me incredibly happy! In addition to sponsorships I provide the shelter with photography, which helps in promoting shelter events, awareness, and helps cats and kittens find their forever homes.

misskitty 1

  In August I began creating a photographic series featuring one hundred and one current resident, former resident, and supporting cats of Miss Kitty wearing handcrafted bowties. 101 Cats in Bow Ties is a tribute to the beauty of cats especially ones in shelters waiting for their forever homes. The goal and purpose of this series is to create smiles, warm hearts, and raise awareness for the millions of animals in shelters waiting for someone special to take them home. In 2015 I photographed 77 cats for the series and expect to wrap up shooting around March 2016.

misskitty 2


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