What is Cats in Bow Ties?

What is Cats in Bowties?

   In August of 2015 I began shooting a series of photographs I call “Cats in Bow Ties”.  This series features current residents, former residents, and supporters of Miss Kitty’s Feline Sanctuary.  Through these photographs I show off the beauty and personalities of these fine felines.  The purpose of these photographs is to raise awareness for shelter cats.  Millions of beautiful cats across the country just like the ones in my photographs are waiting in shelters to become someone’s best friend and companion.  My hope is that through these images 1000s of smiles and happy conversations about cats will start and SOMEONE somewhere will head to a shelter for their next feline friend.

I am currently working toward the goal of photographing 101 Cats in Bowties. When I reach this goal I plan to exhibit the series. Visit www.catsinbowties.com and follow @101catsinbowties on Instagram for updates.

Cats in BowtiesWe are on Instagram!! Follow @101catsinbowties


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