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I introduce you to Zero.   Zero is one of my personal cats and the very first cat of the series, the test model. He has been my faithful companion for over 12 years. My muse during art school, I have drawn him, painted him, sculpted him in bronze, every medium I studied I always tried to include my buddy. It is fitting that he be the first cat in this series of photos.

Zero- Lindsi Jones

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  1. Susan February 3, 2016 at 3:20 PM

    I think you took a picture of one of my cats when you were at Miss Kittys… He was one of the two Siamese they had there a few months back. They may be the two kittens in one of your pictures that I see on your page. Anyway, Bailey, AKA Mo Mo is my cat and someone else adopted his brother Toby which she named Silver I think. Amanda at the clinic is my daughter in law. I would love to get one of the pics of Bailey when you have a chance. Thanks so much Susan


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