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Julia and Adam – Wedding day in Southern Georgia – Lindsi Jones

Julia and Adam were married on August 12, 2017.   They had a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony at Julia’s home church followed by a rock’in reception at The Patterson in Valdosta, Georgia.   Here are a few of my favorites highlights from the day. Enjoy!


Adam and Julia had their first date at Steel Magnolia’s Restaurant in Valdosta, GA which was less than a block from their reception so we stopped in for a few portraits.

Sunflower bridal session with Nicole and Lulu – South Georgia – Lindsi Jones Photography

Nothing says summer time like brides and sunflower fields in Southern Georgia.  I met up with Nicole and her dog Lulu to photograph this stunning bridal session on a hot July afternoon.  We were accompanied by my friend Jay Blanton who provided aerial footage with his drone.   Check out some of my favorite images along with an amazing bird’s eye view footage of this session below.  Enjoy!

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be at a Lindsi Jones Photography shoot watch this video to get a glimpse into how this session was made!

Wedding and Engagements by Lindsi Jones Photography

When you book Lindsi Jones Photography for your wedding you not only get the peace of mind of knowing your photographer has over a decade of experience, you get the warm feeling that comes with knowing your love is being shared.  Every time Lindsi Jones Photography covers a wedding the life of a cat from Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville, Georgia is sponsored on behalf of the happy couple!  This helps cover the vetting costs associated with finding homes for the fine feline residents!

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